Broadcast Manager

Operated by the control room crew
    - Stores all the content material to be used later in the event
    - Dispatch administration access to the production team members
    - Starts the virtual Wowza streaming server
    - Starts scalable ARES instances which will automatically adjust to the number of participants.

Interaction Switcher

- Launches all interactive features instantly when requested by the show host or any reporters
- Allows the operator to act as a moderator and remove access from any participant if needed
- Hosts and reporters can also operate the ARES Interaction Switcher remotely

Features :

Yes and No Bar
1 to 5 rating Bar
Question and Answer Bar
Detailed surveys with multiple choice answers
Tests and Exams with multiple choice answers
Interactive navigation with multiple functions: web site, purchasing cart, detailed voting, role playing games…
Double video stream
Document sharing
Screen Sharing
Chat box
Texts and pictures automatically display
Webcam interview with any participant
Reporter mode with screen sharing and 3 camera angles 


*It is up to the crew to decide if they want to show all results live to the audience or not to show them.

* Results can be displayed in percentage, in numbers or both

Call Controller

- Filter by quality of questions or comments coming from the participants
- Filter by the quality of participants’ technological set up

- Allows the Call Controller Operator to talk to the interviewed participant or reporter
- Route the verified incoming video interview to be introduced on air

Character Generator Integration

All results are displayed on air in real time

- Yes and no results
- 1 to 5 evaluation results
- Display questions and answers from participants
- Detailed surveys with multiple choice of answers
- Detailed exam with multiple choice of answers
- Facebook and Twitter comments
- Name of the webcam contributors

Social Manager

Live comments from ARES Questions bar, Twitter and facebook received in one interface.

Filter, spell correct and put into a cue line.

Send to character generator (CG).

* Additional installations and licences required.

Question Maker

ARES QMaker Software will generate your detailed surveys and exams

Create your detailled surveys and exams (QTI 1.2 compliant)

Built-in and user created layout


* Additional installations and licences required.