AIM Broadcast Control

“When it comes to online audience participation, the ARES Interactive Media platform changes the game for radio/TV webcasters, distance learning and online conference presenters, and anyone else delivering live streamed content to viewers,” said Paul Stewart, multiCAM Systems’ Director of Business Development for North America. “Most existing streaming media platforms do nothing to help viewers interact with the online hosts; leaving the interactions to happen off-screen via email and Twitter. The ARES Interactive Media platform changes that by bringing your viewers into the live event.”

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“The viewer participation possibilities enabled by the AIM platform, used within our easy-to-use integrated production systems, are close to limitless,” said Stewart. “Used in conjunction with proven products such as MULTICAM RADIO and MULTICAM STUDIO, AIM platform can help streaming media producers boost viewer engagement. This matters because engaged viewers are loyal viewers, and likely to promote AIM-enabled webcasts to their family and friends.”

   AIM Broadcast control software is availlable free on Windows Store

AIM Broadcast control software is availlable free on Windows Store


Interactivity Features

Features :

Yes and No Bar
1 to 5 rating Bar
Question and Answer Bar
Detailed surveys with multiple choice answers (soon)
Tests and Exams with multiple choice answers (soon)
Interactive navigation with multiple functions: web site, shopping cart, contest …
video call with any participant


Video Call Features

- Filter by quality of questions or comments coming from the participants
- Filter by the quality of participants’ technological set up

- Allows the Call Controller Operator to talk to the interviewed participant or reporter
- Route the verified incoming video interview to be introduced on air


Social Media Posts Management

Live comments from ARES Questions bar, Twitter and facebook received in one interface.

Filter, spell correct and put into a cue line.

Send to Multicam Systems character generator.


Proven daily on numerous shows since 2011, ARES Interactive Media provides powerful production capability. 
Its extensive automation provides an industry-leading look with minimal staff.