ARES Interactive Media is a unique resource that takes TV channels, radio stations, Web TV, and other formats such as on-line teaching to a new level of audience engagement with cost-efficiencies not possible until now. Because ARES has data capture capabilities, users will have stored data from which to make key programming decisions in content direction and metrics for audience measurement in both on-air and online broadcasts.

ARES engages the audiences where viewers become participants who will be able to interact live in every possible way with the “host” and/or with other members of the audience. 


Live Television Broadcasting

Welcome to this new world where broadcasters can interact live with their audience in perfect synchronization between the television signal and every web platform. ARES is the missing link between the traditional television industry method of broadcast and web audiences for optimum accessibility and engagement. 


Live Radio + Online Video Broadcasting

Radio stations unique advantage of being interactive with their audience via call-in and social media channels as long been the desired form of interaction with television broadcast audiences.  Many use webcam streams of audio and a few have begun live video streams. ARES is perfectly positioned to revolutionize and accelerate this now accepted and demanded form of user interface.

With ARES Interactive Media, radio stations are becoming Radio/TV Interactive stations. Interaction is easy for radio hosts and operators as well as for listeners now becoming viewers, publishers and participants.


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